Terms of Use

Terms & conditions. In this terms and conditions portion of the agreement the customer will be and shall be referred to as either “customer “or “client” .


Please be advised that the client is responsible for making sure that when given to 411information online all the client’s information for the listing is correct.


Customers are responsible to make payment for services once the client has received an invoice. These payments must be made in full, unless otherwise directed by 411 information online. Invoices that remain unpaid will be subject to late fees. Because of the unique nature and good faith of https://411information.online/ in advertising the client previous to being paid.


The client must notify 411 information online with in 10 business days of their intent to cancel the service; this notice must be made/sent via a registered letter with in the 10 day grace period of the invoice date. If not a client will be held responsible for the entire amount of the invoice.


For your convenience we offer an automatic continuation of service to avoid any interruption in advertising (auto billing cycle for continuance of service). If the client is not interested in the automatic continuation of service please notify 411 information online via a registered letter within 30 days of the invoice date.


Billing blocks are semi annually. It is the responsibility of 411information.online to safe guards your personal and business information to the best of our ability. 411information.online however is not responsible for errors, emissions, or discrepancies to the approved listing as the client has told it to be.


While 411information.online will make the website available on a daily basis. Clients must understand that there will be interruptions for several reasons not only limited to making the website better, but to issues beyond 411information.online's control. While 411information.online will do everything to make these interruptions as brief in time as possible, the client will not hold 411information.online responsible for these interruptions.


Clients and any visitors to the site will not hold https://411information.online/ liable for any virus that may have been received from the website.


https://411information.online/ holds the right to remove any client from the website for non payment, or fraudulent activity.


411information.online will not be held liable for any loss for business or profit any delays, inaccuracies, delivery of transmission, or damages of any kind. 411information.online can not guarantee that this website will be free of adult oriented material. You can see our pricing structure here https://411information.online/pricing

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