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411 information online wants to help you find the very best accountant for your business.


Here are some tips on how to find one that is right for you.


Finding a good accountant can be a difficult task. In fact, finding a good accountant can take some considerable time, and energy. However, it can be done.

And we think its one of the key important parts to running a good business.

In fact, having a good accountant can save you a lot of time, if you use and trust them to do your bookkeeping as well.

This will free up time for you to focus on other areas of your business.

Finding key people, in key areas to help and take care of other tasks.

Will be a important part of your business being able to succeed. Finding a choosing a great accountant in one of those key people to help you.


Most small businesses when they choose to hire an accountant either hire a "numbers person" on staff or hiring accounting services business

to use when they need tax work or accounting done.

When a business' financial challenges have become too great to handle without expert help.

Maybe you want to better the financial situation of your business.

Or maybe your accounting software isn't providing the type of data you need to grow your business.

Having trouble switching from cash to accrual accounting?

Are your financial statements inaccurate or incomplete? These are all good reasons to look for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).


411 information online recommends asking these questions when looking to hire a new accountant.


1. What qualifications does your accountant have?

You’re looking for three letters after the accountant’s name, CPA. It stands for Chartered Professional Accountant.

The CPA designation is the highest standard for accountancy in Canada and should be the minimum qualification you seek when looking for an accountant.


There used to be 3 different designations: CA (Chartered Accountant), CMA (Certified Management Accountant), or CGA (Certified General Accountant).

Now it’s all just CPA, although some accountants will keep their legacy designation (John Smith CPA, CGA).

As long as you see a Canadian CPA, you know they’re fully qualified.

Here is a bit more on what a CPA means


2. Can your accountant grow with you?


If your accountant is retiring in two years, you’re going to have to go through the process of looking for an accountant again.

Is that really what you want to do, this is stressful, and takes a great deal of time so consider this.


3. How many professionals work with them?


Money management and taxes have so many rules to pick through that no one can know everything on their own.


Look for an accounting firm with several accountants that specialize in different areas and have close contacts with specialists in different areas:

small business, corporate taxes, and non-profits, etc.

This way, when they run into a scenario they’ve never dealt with before, there will be people around them who can pitch in.

Strength in numbers, pun intended.


4. How interested are they in your business?

A nosey accountant is a good accountant.

Are they asking about your operations and not just your financial situation? Are they taking an interest in how you serve your customers?

Accountants are here to help you plan your taxes, not just prepare them.

As they get to know you and your business better, they will help you plan for more savings with fewer errors.

It better to be open and always talk with them so they will know, understand and discuss how to plan for your year end.


5. Do they suggest multiple strategies?

Is your accountant giving you a single strategy or multiple strategies?

Most chartered accountants have been taught to give multiple scenarios with a recommended choice.

It’s a recognition that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Sometimes a chosen strategy is based on preference or lifestyle.

Other times it’s based on what’s practical (or strictly legal) for that situation.

If you’re only given one strategy that the accountant is going to run with, ask for other strategies.

How they respond to that request will tell you a lot about the firm’s attitude.

And you will get a better understanding on their knowledge as well.


6. How much do they charge?

It’s hard to over pay an accountant.

Do your research, see what the market standard is.

You may think you’re just paying the accountant to prepare your taxes, but they’re also helping you plan your taxes.

Accountants are constantly thinking of ways to save or defer on taxes.

The more time they can give you, the less like there are to be errors, and the more effective their strategies will be.


In Conclusion

If you are interviewing outside firms, ask to meet with the staff members who will be servicing your business.

Get comfortable with this person.

You might be talking to them a lot, discussing a lot of things, maybe even weekly.

So make sure you have a great and open communication style with them.

Make sure communication is clear and direct even with negative news or advice.

Finally, check references. This is an important decision and the business owner must perform adequate due diligence before making a decision.

If you are looking for a great Accounting Firm to start your search. 411 infomation online has a great list of qualified accountants right here.

Feel free to search and call each of these business. To find the right accounting firm for your business, or personal needs.

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