Our Biggest Customer Service issue.



Just like most other directories; Yelp, Yellow pages, etc., we are also making out going sales calls to offer to sign up business' for a new online listing in our service. We make very good sales calls that have 4 key parts that are explained each and every time.

  1. That we are calling to offer a NEW ONLINE LISTING WITH US

  2. We ask the person we are speaking to if they infact have the AUTHORITY TO APPROVE A NEW LISTING WITH US.

  3. Once we have everything we need to run a listing for your company, we explain our fee's of $599.00 for 6 month block and ask for permission to go ahead and send out the invoice.

  4. We end the call by thanking the person for placing an order with us and let them know when the new listing will be up and running.


There are many other words and phrases we use to make sure we are being extremely clear. We understand and value the use and need for clarity.

Still, no matter how hard we try, our biggest customer service issue is when a person whom is not authorized to approve the new service tells us that they are authorized to approve.


Please understand, once we get an approval, we take time and get to work on your new listing. While we understand that mistakes do happen we are always ready and willing to resolve issues if they come up.

If you ignore our invoices for more than a month it becomes very hard to erase your account without fee's.


We have noticed some of our competitors do not help or resolve issues of this sort. We do try our very best and take customer service very seriously. However some onus has to fall on your office.

Please educate your staff that telemarketing companies will make sales calls and if we ask "are you authorized to approve a new service?"

Please do not say "yes". As well if we ask "Can we send you a bill for the service?" don't say "yes". We will send you a bill, as you told us that would be ok.

We understand mistakes do happen, maybe you were busy and not fully paying attention. It's ok, just let us know.

Our customer service department is trained to handle these situations and we will try our very best to resolve any issues.

But as time goes on, and we have sent you numerous bills, please know that it creates more of an issue and is more difficult to resolve as your ad has been running for several months. So please, be pro-active, if you have a bill from us or anyone else call the company and see why they/we are billing you.


We will work to resolve any issues as they come up but ignoring the situation will not resolve it.


This, as titled, is our biggest customer service issue. This aside, we do have lots and lots of happy and satisfied customers.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your business please read about our service here. 











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